Best Pontoon Boat Accessories 2022 (That You Can’t Miss To Have)

Must have pontoon boat accessories

Pontoons boats are the best boats for entertaining family and friends. They are spacious, easy to handle, and comfortable to use.

While your boat may have come with a whole array of pontoon accessories, you can always add more to make your day out on the boat more comfortable and fun.

You can also update your basic pontoon by fitting the latest accessories like bimini tops, deck carpets, and slides.

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best pontoon boat accessories for boat deck comfort and boating fun. We hope you enjoy using these on your pontoon boat.

Best pontoon accessories

Things to consider before buying pontoon boat accessories

Pontoon boat accessories are a must if you want to make the most out of your pontoon adventures. Be it portable grills or cup holders, you must reserve a part of your boat budget to cater to these boating essentials.

The market is brimming with stuff for your pontoon, so it is easy to go overboard.

However, you must consider all options wisely before you make your purchases. Here are a few things to consider before you choose your pontoon boat accessories-

1. Usability

Think about which products you need before you many any purchases.

An emergency spotlight can be of great help if you are docking in the dark, and fishing rod holders can come in handy if you plan to use your boat for fishing. If you plan to have a party on board, a portable cooking grill will be a great choice.

2. Material

You must consider the material of the product that you are going to buy.

If you are purchasing a bimini boat top, purchase one that has a tough and durable fabric. Some fabrics for bimini top are stain, fade, and UV resistant.

3. Price

Do some market research and pick accessories that are available in your price range.

You don’t want to buy a product that costs you a bomb but has limited usage.

Must have pontoon boat accessories

Pontoon Boat Seat Cover

Whether you use your pontoon boat in salty waters like open sea or ocean or inland lakes and rivers, your boat must endure the elements.

Whether you use your boat during all seasons or keep it stored for months at a time, pontoon boat seat covers are a must.

Pontoon boat seat covers protect your boat from harmful  UV rays, bird droppings, spiders, color fading, and exposure to the elements, and your boat will look new for years to come.

Here are some things to look at when choosing pontoon boat seat covers

  • Water resistance
  • Ultraviolet (UV) fade resistance
  • Moisture, mold,  and mildew resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Shrink and stretch tolerance
  • Color stability, no washing out or fading.
  • The recommended fabric material is polyester or vinyl.
  • Easy folding with straps and bags for onboard storage
  • Easy on/off fitting 
  • Warranty

RV Cover Supply manufactures quality covers that do a great job of protecting the largest captain seats.

Boat cover - best pontoon accessories

Boat covers

It is essential to keep your pontoon boat covered when not in use.

A good pontoon boat cover should protect from adverse weather conditions, vandalism, and theft. A boat cover can increase the lifespan of your boat.

When choosing a boat cover, pick one that is waterproof, secure, and easy to use.

StormPRO pontoon boat cover is designed for extra durability; it has fabric coating technology for max water repellency, UV protection, mildew resistance, and all-weather protection.

Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover- pontoon accessories

Bungee dock lines

Bungee dock lines absorb shocks to boats, cleats, pylons, docks, and other hardware. They are portable and convenient and make docking easy.

The Botepon 2 Pcs boat dock line is four feet in length which can stretch up to 5 ½ feet. The stretch is enough to keep the boat from breaking loose but not enough to hit the dock.

Boat Dock Line - best pontoon accessories

The perfect length of these bungee dock lines keeps snug against the dock, making it easy to jump on and off the boat.

The Airhead bungee dock line is six feet in length and stretches up to nine feet. The bungee cord, which is hidden inside the rope, acts as a built-in snubber. The foam floats protect the boat from chafing.

There’s also a sliding adjustment at both ends for quick docking.

Pontoon Boat Bow Privacy Enclosure

If you are looking for privacy on your pontoon boat, a boat bow privacy enclosure is the best pontoon boat accessory

for you. Taylor Made pontoon enclosures provide comfort and convenience and can easily fit over the bow area of your pontoon boat. The enclosure measures 56” deep and 74” tall and is made up of durable polyester.

Bow Enclosure, Cover, Pontoon Boat Shade & Privacy

It has a zippered entryway, mesh windows and is supported by a shock-corded fiberglass pole framework. 

Waterproof helm or console cover

You spend a tidy sum to buy your pontoon boat, then why leave your boat uncovered and open to the elements. Covering your boat console helps prevent cracking and fading from the sun’s UV rays, and it also helps prevent mildew.

When choosing a console, buy one that fits snugly, is waterproof, UV proof, and can be secured and removed quickly.

Leader Accessories Waterproof console cover is made up of 100% marine grade polyester, and it uses a drawstring closure that helps pull it tight around the console. Classic Accessories Stellex Pontoon Console Cover is made from tough and water-resistant polyester. It uses an elastic cord lock for securing.

Fender Hangers for Pontoon Railings

Pontoon fenders or bumpers are a necessity if you want to protect your boat from scrapes that can occur when docking. But attaching them is not always easy.

Extreme Max 3005.5002 BoatTector Pontoon Rail Fender Hanger/Adjuster easily adapts the position of your pontoon’s fenders to fit any dock height in just seconds. They come in a pack of four and snugly fit 1.25″ square pontoon rails.

BoatTector Pontoon Rail Fender Hanger/Adjuster - must have pontoon accessories

Stainless Towel Clips For Boats and Beach Chairs

When you are out playing in the water, you will eventually need towels to dry up. While most of us remember to get enough towels on board, one accessory we tend to forget about is towel clips. If you don’t want your towels to be blown away by the wind into the water, consider buying some good-quality towel clips.

FOMMEN towel clips come in a pack of 18 and are made up of high-quality stainless steel. They are solid, durable, and have a smooth design that does not harm the cloth.

Changing room

Collapsible changing rooms can come in pretty handy on your pontoon boat. You can use them to get dressed on undressed on the boat. You can also use it up if you need to set up a portable chemical toilet on your boat.

The Green Elephant collapsible changing room is made from waterproof polyester and has a strong zipper. It can pop up and down in seconds.

The Fotodiox collapsible changing room is relatively compact and won’t take up much space on your boat.

Changing room pontoon accessories

Cool pontoon boat accessories

Clip-on cup holder

When you are out on your pontoon boat, you need both hands free sometimes. This is why cup holders are an essential pontoon boat accessory. There are plenty of options available, from cheap plastic ones to durable cup holders made from stainless steel.

Wise stainless steel dual pontoon cup holders are made from stainless steel and come with a three-year warranty.  Robocup clip-on holders come with rubberized clamps that have an impressive grip.

They have stainless steel springs for rust prevention. It has a robust utilitarian design with a UV inhibitor added for longevity against the elements.

best cup holder
pontoon accessories

Captain bucket seat

Outfit your pontoon boat with a captain’s chair that spells class. From folding to swivel, low back to reclining, there is a whole range for you to choose from.

Leader Accessories Pontoon Captain Bucket Seat is the right choice. This bucket seat has a high impact injection molded plastic frame. Its plush foam padding is covered with heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl.

Leader Accessories Pontoon Captains Bucket Boat Seat

Pontoon Boat Double Drink Holder

When it comes to drink holders, you can never have enough.

The Wise pontoon boat double drink holder has steel cup holders and an upholstered plastic frame. It has a weighted vinyl flap that fits between the backrest and cushion and comes with a three-year warranty.

It weighs 2.47 lbs, and its dimensions are 4.6″ in height, 7.5″ in length, and 12.25″ in width.

Boat Bar, Cup, and Bottle Holder

If you love entertaining on your boat, a boat bar caddy is one of the best pontoon boat accessories for you.

The Docktail boat bar and marine cup and bottle holder mounts in most standard sized rod holders and allows you to level flat at most any angle. 

It can hold most bottles and cups from 1.75 liters and smaller. The bar includes a cutting board insert and has six pre-cut bottle slots.

It is made of King Starboard and is fastened with steel hardware.

Faux Teak Decking Mat

While covering your pontoon boat deck with a marine carpet is a good option if you are on a budget, it does have its disadvantages.

It absorbs dirt, sand, fish guts and can weaken the decking material, creating a less than sturdy floorboard. 

EVA Foam Faux Teak Mat is an excellent option and a cool pontoon boat idea. 

They have a combined thickness of 6mm of soft, durable foam materials with a simple, robust peel-and-stick backing. Its teak-like pattern looks good on your boat, and anti-slide surface also protects the floor.

Blue pontoon boat LED kit

If you would like your boat to stand out amongst a crowd, LED lighting is the way to go. These pontoon boat accessories are easy to fit and look great if you are having a party on board at night.

CH –Blue Boat Light Kit includes a universal fit and wiring set up. It is 15.5 feet long and has 300 LED lights (12v) that are boat battery-powered. 

Blue Boat Lights - Under Deck Pontoon Light/Pleasure Boat Accent LED Lights - best pontoon accessories

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

A floating mat can be one of the best pontoon boat accessories for anyone who enjoys floating over the water surface.

Floating mats can be a great accessory to have when you want to enjoy a relaxing day out and can be a hit accessory when you invite friends over to your boat.

The Floatation Oasis Lake Pad from Floatation IQ measures six feet wide and 15 feet long and can hold over 1500 lbs. it is made up of non-toxic polyethylene foam and is easy to clean with soap and water. 

The box contents include a floating oasis lake pad, one D-Ring, two Velcro straps, one bungee cord, and one product maintenance and safety sheet.

Boat Interior LED Light Kit

If you like to use your pontoon boat at night and enjoy standing out from the crowd, then OPT7 Aura LED Boat Light is the LED lighting kit for you.

You can choose from its different lighting modes, adjust the brightness and select different color combinations with a smartphone app.

Its exclusive bass-activated technology flashes your light to the beat of the music.

Vinyl graphics and decals

Want your pontoon boat to stand out from the crowd? The easiest way to do this is to add vinyl graphics and decals to the side panels of your pontoon boat.

If you have the ability, you can design the decals yourself. You can also get a professional to design it for you.

Make sure you use waterproof, UV resistant vinyl.

Mounted flag

Many pontoon boats come with pre-installed flag holders and mounts. Even if your boat does not have a flag holder, you can buy a complete kit with mounting hardware and a flag.

The Taylor Made Aluminum 3/4 –inch flag pole comes with nylon flag clips. It works with any size of flag.

So, whether you want to fly the American flag, the flag of your favorite football team, or a pirate flag, the choice is up to you.

best pontoon accessories 2022

Best pontoon accessories 2022 for fun and recreational purposes

Stand-Up Paddleboard Boat Mounts

Stand-Up paddleboarding is a popular sport as it tests your skill and balance on the water.

Unfortunately, paddleboards are big and can take up a lot of precious deck space. Mount brackets for paddleboards can take care of this problem and free up deck space.

The SurfStow Transport SUPRax 50051 is made from Sandblasted anodized 6061 aluminum. The package includes two wall mount brackets.

Lillipad Diving Board

Wouldn’t’ it be great to have a diving board on your pontoon boat? Once you have put it on your boat, everyone would enjoy using it.

The Lillipad diving board is designed for kids and adults upto 250 lbs. It is made with heavy wall aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

It is easy to install and stows away in two sections, and fit in most seating storage when not in use.

best pontoon accessories

YakRax Kayak Storage System for Pontoon Boats

Do you wish to carry your kayak along for a day of fun out on the water on your boat?

Fitting a kayak storage system on the side of your pontoon can free up deck space on your pontoon boat.

SurfStow50061, YakRax Storage System accommodates kayaks of most shapes and sizes. It is designed from durable aluminum alloy and is anodized for strength.

The brackets are easy to install and do not require any drilling.

Rubber Dockie 9’x6′ Floating Mat

Floating mats can be a great accessory to take for a fun day out on the lake.

The Rubber Dockie 9’ x 6’ mats are perfect when portability is paramount, and the storage space is limited.

The Tuff-Hide outer layer of this mat protects from everyday use and is easy on the skin.

They are available in bold green and orange colors for good visibility in high traffic areas.

Rubber Dockie Duckling 9x6-Feet Floating Mat - best pontoon accessories

Pontoon Boat Slide

A pontoon boat slide is a great accessory to have when you are out on the boat with family and friends.

The Rave Sports Pontoon Slide is made up of commercial-grade reinforced material for long-lasting water fun.

best pontoon accessories and pontoon slide

It comes with a 12V high-pressure inflator that helps to inflate the slide on your boat conveniently.

Inflatable tubes

A fun day out on your pontoon boat can become even better if you have an inflatable tube and a tow rope.

The Airhead Mach Towable Tube is ideal for boating and watersports. Its non-slip cushioned handles provide comfort and stability.

Floating volleyball game

An outing on your boat with family is incomplete if it does not involve a few fun games. Intex Pool Volleyball Game is fun and inexpensive.

The game includes an inflatable volleyball and pole bases that are grommeted to add anchor weights if desired. It is made from 10-gauge vinyl with a 7-gauge vinyl ball, and it also includes a repair kit.


A decent sound system is essential if you have a party on board.

Though most new pontoon boats have good speaker systems installed, you can install new marine speakers if you feel you need an upgrade.

You can also opt for portable speakers when you go on your boating trips.

The AOMAIS waterproof Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and can be hooked up to an iPhone or any other Bluetooth device that plays music.

Inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are easy to transport and store and are relatively cheap.

They are a more accessible way to get into the water and explore narrow channels. Having one of these onboard your pontoon boat allows you to undertake many adventures.

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is made from durable rubber and has an adjustable inflatable seat with a backrest.

Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump - best pontoon accessories

It has two seats and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Pontoon fire pit

After you have had a fun day fishing, kayaking, and playing volleyball on the water, you can warm up by the fire on your boat. Pontoon fire pits allow you to put a fire on your pontoon deck without causing any harm to your boat.

Legacy Heating fire pit uses stainless steel burner with the highest safety standards. It can also be used as a table when a fire is not needed.

firepit accessories for pontoon boats

Pontoon boat accessories for safety

Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramps

Pontoon boat ramps can be a great help when loading and unloading heavy items and equipment on your boat. It is also helpful for seniors, children, and pets.

The Harbor Mate Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ramps have a 600 lbs weight capacity. It is 6′ long, 24″ wide, and weighs 52 lbs. It has lightweight aluminum construction.

Emergency light

As the name suggests, emergency light is a must-have on your boat in case of emergencies.

A portable light can come in handy during your adventures on your pontoon boat. After all, if you boat in the evenings, there is a good chance you may stay late and find yourself docking in the dark.

The Streamlight Waypoint LED High-Performance Pistol-Grip Spotlight produces 550-lumens with a far-reaching 625-meter beam.

Its C4 LED technology bulb is impervious to shock and has a 50,000 hour lifetime. It is made from a high impact polycarbonate material and has a rubberized lens ring. It has an IPX4 rated design and is water-resistant.

Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder

If you enjoy taking your pet with you on your pontoon boat, this pontoon boat accessory is a must.

Without it getting in and out of the water can be both dangerous and challenging for your dog.

Beavertail aluminum folding dog ladder is 11 inches wide.

So, if your pontoon ladder is more than 11 inches wide, this dog ladder can easily fit inside your ladder. It also folds up for easy storage.

Four-Step Folding Aluminum Boarding Ladder

Pontoon boats have their decks pretty high above the water, which makes it essential for boarding ladders. 

Folding ladders are not only easy to use, but they can also be stored easily.

The RecPro Marine Pontoon Boat 4 Step Folding ladder is made from heavy-duty 1″ x 1″ and 1″ x 2″ fluted square tubing with a satin finish.

The steps are spaced 11″ apart, and the ladder extends 37” below the deck.

Five-Step Extra-Long Self Storing Ladder

A ladder is a must-have accessory for a pontoon boat. It is convenient, practical, and is a boating law requirement in several states.

You must make sure that at least two rungs of your water are underwater to make it convenient for everyone that rides on your boat. 

The handrails and rungs of the ladder should be thick to allow gripping room and a non-slip surface.

The RecPro Marine Pontoon Boat 5 Step Extra Long Under Deck Mount self-storing ladder is safe and easy to use.

You can pull it out when you want to use it and push it back into its frame when you are finished. It stores quickly and conveniently under the deck of the pontoon.

The ladder hangs 56″ below deck when deployed, and its steps are 12″ wide x 2-1/4″ deep.

This ladder is designed to save space on your pontoon boat and has a 300-pound weight capacity.

Load-A-Pup: Pet Platform for Boats

Do you like to take your dog when you go out on your pontoon boat?

A pet platform can help you get your pet on board the boat after a swim. This is one of the best pontoon boat accessories 2022 if you are a dog lover.

The Great Day Load-A-Pup pet loading platform is designed with gripping ridges to ensure stable, safe footing and protection from injury to the dog’s feet as your dog climbs back into the boat after a swim.

It has a generous 14” x 20” platform and weighs only 7 lbs. It folds completely flat for compact storage when not in use; comes complete with security straps.

Sand Boat Anchor

Did you know you require different anchors for different conditions? Some anchors are good for beaches, while others are better for river beds.

The LiteShark  Lite 18” Sand Anchor is perfect for shallow water, beach, and sandbar. It is made of polished stainless steel.

The anchor is drilled down into the sand with its screw auger. When you screw the auger down into the sand, the hole fills with sand.

The water then holds down the sand and creates a suction to prevent the anchor from pulling out.

Replacement batteries

A pontoon uses three different kinds of batteries –starting battery, a dual purpose, or a new deep cycle battery. They all will need replacement at some time.

The Optima Marine pontoon batteries come with 100 hours of reserve battery power and are the best choice for a starting battery.

The AGM Deep Cycle Battery is ideal if you need a cycling battery for your pontoon boat.

If your boat has a dual-purpose battery, Optima OPT8016-103 batteries D34M Blue Top is a good choice.

Trailer locks

Do you trailer up your pontoon when it is not in use? If yes, then you must pay attention to securing your trailer to prevent it from being stolen.

Consider securing your pontoon trailer with MegaHitch Lock Coupler Vault Pro.

This heavy-duty lock comes in two parts and then fits above and under the trailer coupler, coming together to create a securely locked box.

You can also buy a trailer wheel lock that will effectively clamp the wheel of your trailer. Coocheer Anti-theft wheel lock is a good choice.

Pontoon boat accessories for fishing

Fish Finders

A fish finder is an instrument that is used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy.

A fish finder helps to figure out where the best fish are so that you can make a good catch. It is also a very handy pontoon boat accessory for navigating shallow waters.

Garmin Striker Plus 5cv with Transducer has built-in Garmin Quickdraw Contours mapping software that lets you create and store maps with 1′ contours for up to 2 million acres.

Extra Livewell

Most pontoon boats come with Livewell. But plenty of fishers want an extra one on board.

The Moeller Marine Products Livewells are a seamless one-piece of rotationally-molded polyethylene.

It features molded-in deck fasteners for easy deck hold down. It also includes a drain plug for quick and easy draining and cleaning.

You can also opt for the innovative Wise Talon swing back cooler seat. It is a seat that doubles up as a Livewell and cooler box when you pull the seat up.

Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing rod holders are essential accessories if you love to fish. They ensure that your fishing rods do not tangle. They can be mounted on square railings and sidewalls and can even be attached to coolers and seats.

The Eagle Claw Clamp-on boat rod holder allows for 360-degree adjustment and is compatible with rods up to 1.375 inches.

Scotty rod holders are designed as multi-functional rod holders suitable for bass fishing, trout, and other medium fish pieces.

Aluminum Boat Rod Holder - best pontoon accessories

Fishing Rod Storage Solutions

Good fishing rod storage for pontoon boats is essential but can be hard to find.

Keeping fishing rods inside a box underneath a seat works as a perfect solution. ECOODA&JEKOSEN Portable Travel Fishing Rod Reel Case keeps your fishing rods safe and secure. It is lightweight and durable.

Pontoon boat accessories for cooking

Pontoon boat grill

Grilling on a pontoon boat can be great fun. However, it is crucial to choose a good pontoon boat grill. The high winds on the boat can put out the flame, and the water can rust the grill.

The pontoon boat grill Cuisinart is a great choice. It mounts to a 1.25″ open square pontoon boat railing. The pontoon boat grill Cuisinart has 145 square inches of grilling surface. The grill is customized to work with Arnall’s grill brackets.

grill - best pontoon accessories

Of all the pontoon boat grill Amazon has, the Cuisinart grill is top-rated due to it being rust-resistant and cost-effective.

Grill Smoker Box

Impress your guests with the delicious flavor of smoked meat on your pontoon boat.

The Cave Tools grill smoker box fits perfectly between flavorizer bars and grill grate or directly on top of charcoals.

It is made from 25% thicker stainless, which reduces warping.

Remote Grill Thermometer

The last thing you want while having fun on your pontoon boat is to fall sick due to eating the undercooked meat.

The Thermopro Wireless Remote Grill Thermometer with dual probe monitors food up to 300 feet away. You can continue to enjoy the company of your friends without having to excuse yourself o check if the meat is being cooked properly.

It is easy to use and has large LCD displays both food and oven temperature. It is back-lit for use in low light conditions.


If you don’t have a refrigerator on board your pontoon boat, a cooler is what you should choose.

A good cooler can keep your drinks cold under the hot sun and keep your food cold for the entire weekend.

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler has a capacity of 26 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio. It is sturdy and features T-Rex Lid Latches that are made up of heavy-duty rubber.

Final thoughts on best pontoon accessories

Once you buy the pontoon boat of your choice, it is time to outfit your boat with the accessories of your choice. We have compiled a list of accessories for you to choose from.

Some of these items are essential for everyone’s safety on board, while others are just for the fun and entertainment of your guests. Depending on the intended use, you can choose the right accessories and equipment for your boat.


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