How much does a Pontoon boat cost

How much does a Pontoon boat cost

How much does a Pontoon boat cost

So, what really affects the costs of owning a Pontoon boat? How much does a pontoon boat cost, after all?

You have probably seen flatter boats with large lounge areas all summer. These boats often make people jealous because of the large number of recreational items fitted onboard.

That boat is known to be one of the most relaxing boats on the water or the Pontoon boats.

Since they rely on floats to remain buoyant, they allow designers to create a massive deck with features such as stand-up bars, lounge areas, sun pads, and much more.

While it was initially used for fishing and sunbathing due to its slow speed, Pontoon boats today are much faster and can also be customized further to increase their speeds.

These boats are usually 13 to 14 feet long and are great for a chill weekend evening.

The basics of how much is a pontoon boat and price of a pontoon boat:

The average price of a Pontoon boat range is between $18000 and $70000 with some super customized luxury boats costing even higher.

The price of a pontoon boat is in such a wide range due to various things like hull, engine, customizations and other construction materials used to build out the onboard accessories.

Small pontoon boats that can accommodate only 2 people can also be bought at costs as low as $2500 and average around $15000.

Larger boats that can accommodate small families of up to 6 people start at about $20000 and upwards.

They accommodate up to 12 people fall in the range of $45000 to upwards and then comes the lavish party boats that can cost hundreds of thousands.

Cost of accessorization:

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of the boat varies as per modifications apart from the basic costs.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while planning your costs for purchasing a pontoon boat:

  1. Biminis: Most Pontoon boats come with single bimini tops. Most people would want to purchase double biminis to cover it entirely. The bimini covers an average of around $700 but there are cheaper variants available in the market.

  2. Engine: Standard pontoon boats come with a regular 90 hp engine fit in. If you want to upgrade to a 115 hp engine the costs could be around $900-$2000. A further upgrade to 150 hp could cost over $2500.

  3. Boat trailer: Another essential accessory, trailers can cost between $2000 to $5000 depending on the size of your boat and the quality of the trailer.

  4. Mooring costs: Boat docking could be necessary in cases where trailering is not feasible. In this case, costs could be between $2500 and $15000.

  5. Safety equipment: When it comes to partying on the high seas, safety is crucial. Safety equipment could cost about $1000 to $1500.

  6. Other luxury add ons: carpeting, speakers, underlighting, bar fixtures, barbeque grills all can be added to your pontoon boat at an added cost.

Maintenance Costs:

  1. Insurance: An essential item for the all-around safety of your pontoon is insurance. This could cost between $100 and $400 per year.
  1. License for boating: Another statutory mandate is a license in your respective state. That’s another added cost of $50 to $75
  1. Maintenance and cleaning: Just like maintaining your car, you have to maintain your boat. The maintenance costs come to a minimum of $1000 and go upwards depending on boat size. Cleaning on the other hand goes to about $450 per year.

So do I buy a new boat or a second hand one?

Well quite clearly buying a pontoon is an expensive affair. We know now how much does a pontoon boat cost.

But there is an option to go cheaper.

Either you could buy a used boat or rent one whenever needed. While buying a second-hand boat may come with a lot of caveats average costs of pontoon boats go between $10000 to $15000 from the right seller.

But, please be aware and check for the number of years the boat has been used. Anything above 15 years is a total no-no.

Also do check the flooring conditions and most importantly test drive to check the motor sound and working of gauges.

The next alternative of renting a pontoon is best if you want to just be out for a recreational ride in the seas, once in a few months as a treat to yourself and your family and friends.

Renting boats can cost anywhere between $300 and $600 depending on which city you are in.

Time to sail!

Conclusion: How much is a Pontoon boat?

Buying a pontoon boat is a big financial investment but if you’re in love with one just go for it.

We have already discussed the average price of a pontoon boat and cost of maintaining it as well.

It is worth a nice ride into the deep seas while sipping onto some wine and listening to rock music.

Pontoon boats have known to be great assets and serve as great places to chill or party for all occasions.

To list a few brands that reign the pontoon boat market because of their trustworthy products is Bentley, Lowe, Lund, and G3 (Suncatcher). Learn who makes the best Pontoon boats here.

If you haven’t yet chosen a pontoon boat, you’d like to buy or need more details before buying one head over to our website now!

how much does a pontoon boat cost